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Madele Wedding

My name is Chiara Bettinelli. I've graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bergamo. During my years of education, I frequently travelled abroad to study, it was there I discovered my fascination for weddings and events.

And this how the dream began... In 2011 I attended various training courses and obtained a certificate of specialization as a Wedding Planner.

Thanks to the collaborations with the experts in the field, I have selected an "elite" team of craftsmen and professionals, and in 2014 I founded MADELE WEDDINGS.


Having my own business has always been one of my dreams and when I finally found the courage to embark on this new adventure, it soon became the most important project of my life after having my twins. Which is why I decided to name my business after them, Maddalena and Samuele.

Madele Wedding

Why trust Madele Wedding Planners?

There are many engaged couples who organize their wedding by themselves, so why trust us to plan your wedding?

- When the preparations for the wedding begin, our mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters and friends can't just wait to offer us their help and advice. Pleasing everybody can be very hard. How to coordinate then all the different ideas, without displeasing anyone, without forgetting the economical aspect of our choices and above all without losing sight of the wedding so much longed-for? Relying on a professional can settle possible frictions. A wedding planner in fact is involved in a less emotional way, she respects and follows the wishes of the couple avoiding the stress that can be caused by problems and situations normally associated with important events. She deals with problems and nerve-wracking situations with greater clearness, respects the timing and accompanies the bride and groom on that long-awaited day in a more serene way.

- You save time and energy. Time is never enough: always in a rush divided between work, home and family commitments. Selecting and planning meetings with various suppliers, the wedding planner helps the bride and groom to choose calmly the solutions that best meet their desires.

- You save money. The wedding planner not only helps the bride and groom create a tailor-made budget plan, but she also offers them a high quality service at a cheaper price, thanks to the privileged prices offered by our suppliers due to the ongoing business we have with them.

The direction of the event is entrusted to the wedding planner and the bride and groom can enjoy every moment of their day...

Madele Wedding

Mission & Vision

Madele Weddings deals with the organization of events for Italian and foreign couples.

Your wedding day is a day of hope, festivities, fun and emotion. A day when two people with the same beliefs in life commit themselves to each other in front of their friends and loved ones. However, thinking about a wedding in this difficult economic climate can add extra unnecessary stress. We are hearing more and more that couples just don’t have the strength to prepare what is the happiest day of their lives.

The aim of Madele Weddings is to rekindle the magic...helping the bride and groom to establish a budget and manage it in the best way, offering them quality services at more and more advantageous conditions, so that you can look at the wedding day with joy and serenity...


Madele Wedding

At Madele Weddings we offer the opportunity to organize the whole event or just certain aspects, it is always your choice. Madele Weddings will support you with discretion, in accordance with your wishes and advise you when necessary.

Our services include:
Free initial consultation
Assisting you to find the perfect location
Catering and banqueting
Floral design
Photography and videography
Music and entertainment
Wedding favours and gifts
Bridal wear
Wedding rings and precious gifts
Beauty, wellness and etiquette
Transportation and accommodation for guests
Wedding day coordination
On-going advice
Budget planning

Corporate Events

Madele Wedding

Madele Wedding

Madele Wedding

Corporate events are for small and large businesses an opportunity to gain visibility and consensus. They may in fact be the ideal showcase where you get to know your colleagues or meet future clients.

Madele Weddings helps companies to enhance their image and we organize corporate events respecting your budget and objectives. It manages and coordinates all phases of the organization: research of the location, decorations, invitations and brochures, hospitality, catering, entertainment, photography and video services.

The types of event we cater for:
Working lunches and dinners
Brunch and appetizers
Coffee breaks
Training courses
Seminars, meetings and conferences

Private Events

Madele Wedding

A baptism, a birthday, a graduation party, an anniversary, or just a dinner with friends ...you only need to ask to Madele Weddings to make your celebrations unique. And you will be advised in every aspect of the organization, from the choice of the location to the preparation/setting, from choosing the invitations to assisting the guests, we can even help you select special gifts for your guests to remind them of your special day.


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